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Lamenting: Is it Ok?

On this infertile journey I have often sobbed and cried out to God. Why? Why me? Why this? Why not me? I have mourned babies that I never got to hold in my womb much less my arms. I have … Continue


Anchor in the Storm

While trying to conceive, each month feels like a storm. The storm starts brewing as you plot and plan, watch and wait for the “perfect” time to baby dance. The clouds get darker and stormier as your hope increases because … Continue


Infertility Tears and More

I have become a crier. I HATE it. I don’t like crying in front of people, or being vulnerable. My mascara runs even though I use the “waterproof” kind. Then I walk around half the day with dark smudges under … Continue


Good Friday…

Today is the day we Christians are to remember Jesus’ death.  Just typing those words makes my heart sink.  My sinful self would prefer to skip the death part, skip the pain and suffering, and move on to the glorious … Continue

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