Angela Mackey is known for her humorous and poignant anecdotes that keep her audiences laughing, crying, and examining their own lives. While sharing her struggles and failures, she offers practical ways to apply scripture to daily life. Her passion is to encourage women to renew their minds through God’s word that they may live transformed lives.

Angela started teaching Sunday school to young children in her early teens. Since then, she has led Bible Studies, book studies, and for nearly six years helped direct a MOPS group. Currently she teaches Sunday school to fifth and sixth graders with her husband and helps with Xite Nite, the Wednesday night ministry for the same age group. She lives in the Arkansas River Valley with her husband and three children – two conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

Speaking Topics – Each topic can be tailored for your group’s needs, ranging from one 30-minute talk to as many as four hour-long sessions.

Battling Joy “Stookers”

Joy stookers are things we allow to steal or take our joy for today. Financial stress, health problems, relationships in turmoil, and the disease of comparison are joy stookers that we all encounter. In this session you will learn:

  • How we allow the stookers to steal our joy
  • Practical tools to battle joy stookers
  • How to find joy despite our circumstances

Wrestling with God

There are so many things we do not understand. These issues rattle our faith and drive us to our knees. Through this talk you will discover:

  • That God is bigger than our faith shaking issues
  • How to cling to God as you ask Him your questions
  • How to wrestle with Him so that you will be changed and blessed

Faith that is Big Enough

Often we are told if only we had enough faith then something in life would have gone better or our way – we would be healed, we would have not financial problems. In this session you will learn:

  • How to lay down the burden of having enough faith
  • What “big enough” faith looks like
  • Practical ways to maintain a strong faith while facing your fiery furnace

Honor Changes Things (a new parenting strategy)

Guarding Your Treasure

This talk was originally given to fifth and sixth graders but can be tailored to any age group. It encourages guarding the treasure of the bodies God gave us for our future spouse or if we do not get married guarding it to give it back to God. Here are a few excerpts from this talk:

Wrestling with God: How to Encourage Your Infertile Friend

Through retelling of her story of infertility, Angela sets the stage for you to better understand what your infertile friend is feeling and wrestling with. She shares how to choose to cling to God and wrestle with Him through difficult times. Then she wraps it up with things not to say to your infertile friend and things to say.

Here are some excerpts from this talk:

Other Topics

Angela speaks on many other topics as well. She would be pleased to pray with you and develop a custom talk for your specific needs and audience.

Please contact Angela for more information at: angela@rethinkingmythinking.com

4 Responses to Speaking

  1. Angela – thanks for doing this. It’s a message that is SO needed, not just for the kids and youth, but, unfortunately, for adults, too. I just posted the video on my profile page and will pass it on to others. Praying God will greatly use you to get the message across.

  2. Good job, girl! Excellent talk!

    • Thanks Tyler! Can you tell I like to speak? One of my friends says I seem to blossom or come alive when I am on stage. Not in a made up way, but in an authentic me. 😉 I can feel God’s smile on me when I do it.

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