Love U 3 Do I Love All of God?

My fingers are not the most nimble and at times texting can be dangerous.

The dreaded auto-correct makes an innocent text sound like a proposition.

And when I meant to text my husband “Love U 2,” my finger slid or something it I sent “Love U 3.”

I smiled and quickly sent another text “2. Not 3”

But God tugged at my heart. Three…I love You three.

God the amazing three in one – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

And do I really love them all – all 3?

Jesus certainly I love Jesus, He died for me.

The Father…well, He sent Jesus, so sure I love Him too.

The Holy Spirit. . . do I even know what He does? Do I appreciate who this part of God is? Do I even fathom that this is the part of God who lives in me? Do I get it that prior to the Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection no one ever dreamed God would do this? No one ever dreamed of God becoming man in the way Jesus did…Certainly no one even imagined He would die in our place a gruesome death…But even more than that the Holy Spirit moves into our souls and lives with us now. Always.

Prior to the Holy Spirit coming, that wasn’t an option. They prayed God would not take the Holy Spirit away from them. When Israel was wandering in the desert God appeared as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, but that same Spirit now lives inside us.

He comforts us, counsels us, spurs us on to love and good deeds. And He sticks around even when I am walking far from the path God intended. He is there in the darkness and He is there in the light.

And  it is true that I Love U 3, God.


Hello friends. Today I am traveling to Memphis to speak at this event:


Would you please pray for me and the women attending. Oh that I would speak only words God gives me, that His glory will be known, and these women will be encouraged and blessed. Thank you.