And It’s Monday…Again…

Have you ever known you need to do something, but struggle doing it?

You know you need to work-out regularly, but somehow the day gets away from you and then three weeks have gone by and you haven’t broken a sweat?

You know you need to wake early in the morning because you are more productive, but there was this great basketball game or movie or even spending time with your spouse and you don’t get in bed early. So when morning comes you hit snooze for an hour instead of waking up. Is that just me?

Sweet Rest...

You know you need the discipline of cleaning your kitchen every day, but the dishes pile up.

Well, you get my drift. For me I haven’t been managing the time God gave me well. Sometimes I make great choice, but other times I don’t. And there is a line between rigidly following a schedule and being flexible enough to allow fun. How do you ever know which way to go on any given moment? Must I be rigid here, but flex there?

And God gives grace, but I don’t want to tell God, “I know You want me up early, but I just can’t get out of bed.”

Jesus didn’t say, “I want to save you from your sins, but I just can’t go to the cross.”

So there it is grace and truth staring me in the face. The truth I need more discipline in my life. The grace God forgives me when I mess up. He forgives me when I don’t heed His call to get out of bed. But the truth is also I miss out on something when I don’t obey God. I miss an opportunity to love Him and show Him my love. I miss a chance to know God is sustaining me when I get up super early.

And I mourn that loss. So tomorrow I am going to get up early. Really early and do what God really wants me to do in the AM. That means I am going to get in bed early tonight. I am going to pray that I obey God in all He has for me to do that day. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

How can I pray for you this week?

How have you done on memorizing 1 John? Did you get the first three verses memorized last week? I would like to finish out the first chapter this week and we will review chapter one next week. I realize that is seven verses for this week, but we will review at least one week and maybe two to make sure we have the whole first chapter down before moving on to chapter 2…

Are you memorizing 1 John with me? If not what are you memorizing?