I Wish I was a….

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My brother was born before sonograms could determine the gender of unborn babies. My parents chose to decorate his room with green and yellow. Ironically so was the outside of our house (yellow with green trim) and the colors of our middle school (green and gold)…I digress.
Wallpaper was also popular back in that time, not that it was that long ago. I mean I am still young. Ahem. Anyway, wallpaper…on the wallpaper in my brother’s room were different animals wishing they were something else. The rabbit wished he was a race car or was that the turtle? Maybe it was longer ago than I thought. What I do remember is the giraffe. He wished he was a…giraffe.
As I prayed for myself, you all, and this blog my brother’s wallpaper came to mind. Yes wallpaper very profound. Stick with me here.
You see we are that giraffe. We strive and hope to be something we already are. We are beautiful because God made us. We are loved because we are God’s children. We are forgiven through the blood of Jesus. We are God’s workmanship, His poem. Through Christ we are righteous. We do not have to strive or wish or work anymore. We are God’s handiwork. 
Yes, you are. Don’t believe me? You need to checkout Holley’s blog. She reminds us how God sees us. Her words are always refreshing.
Father God help us to stop wishing for what we already are in Christ. Help us to live in the knowledge that we are Your special creation for Your wonderful purpose. In Jesus’s name, Amen.
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