Eleven Years Ago


Eleven years ago today I had my hair done in an updo and I put on a white dress.I walked down an aisle arm-in-arm with my dad. Broad smile plastered to my face and a smaller one painted on his. He had to give me away.

Eleven years ago. I stood at the front of the church. My dad gave me to Dan. I gave up my old name and took his. The beginning of our life together.

Eleven years. Life together has not always been easy. Our rough edges gouge and wound each other. Anger ignites, frustration mounts, indifference invades

Eleven years. There are times my heart felt like it would burst because I had no idea that love could do that. Smiles shared, words whispered, the brush of his hand, the look in his eye, the joy of intimacy.

Eleven years. This life together is a glorious tapestry of learning how to love deeply. Choosing love when it isn’t easy. Learning to serve and respect each other. It is gloriously humbling–this adventure of marriage. It opens me up and lays me bare.

Eleven years. Through my dear husband God has shaped me, humbled me, and drawn me closer to Him. I am a better woman because of this wonderful man God gave to me.

Eleven years. So much has happened and yet it seems like yesterday. He still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh. I love him more today than I did yesterday. God is having His way in and through us.

Eleven years. Thank you Dan for eleven wonderful years. Praying each year God gives us continues to be better than the last.