Because we all need Compassion

Times are tough.

I know. Over 1,000 folks in my town lost their jobs. A plant shut down and moved…to Mexico. That stings.

Oh but we here in the economic down-turn are still richer than the vast majority of the world.

We take for granted stores, food, climate control. We have more than one shirt to wear. In fact we could clothe armies.

Yet we never think we have enough. We never consider ourselves rich, but we are.

We don’t live in dumps giving our children orange peels to play with.

Our floors aren’t made of dirt or a few boards over a swamp.

We don’t know that kind of deprivation–at least most of us don’t.

Compassion is there to help these children. Give them food, access to education, change their lives.

And Compassion takes groups of bloggers to different countries so they can tell others about what Compassion is doing. They want us all to get involved.

Right now a group of bloggers are in Ecuador. Their posts will humble you, move you, maybe even change you.

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

I encourage you to check out their words. Look into Compassion and see how you can be involved.

I know I am.