When You Go God’s Way Part II


If you missed part one of my story check it out here.

Miranda took off from the hotel with Kim her traveling buddy and two extra passengers, Melody and I. As she drove we did what any group of women would do. We talked.

As soon as Melody spoke, I knew she was from Canada. Her accent was much like my friend who drove me to the airport after She Speaks last year, Tyler. Before I knew it, Melody and I discovered we are both nurses. She is starting school to become a nurse practitioner for end of life care. I never worked in hospice care, but I worked with patients suffering from blood cancers. I have always had a heart for nurses who care for patients at the end of their lives. In fact, we both started our careers in the ICU.

Next we began discussing my book. God was present. Three of the four women in that car had suffered from infertility. Three. The fourth woman had signed up to be a surrogate mother if someone chose her. Of all 650 women at the conference I sat in a car with three women who understood in some way infertility. AMAZING! But more. Did you realize God is the God of more? Not just what we can imagine, but MORE?

I reach the airport and Melody and I need to be dropped at the SAME door. We aren’t on the same airline, but their ticket counters are next door to each other. CRAZY. We all say good-bye and head off.

Let me back-up here…As I was waiting for the shuttle, I talked with several of the women waiting with me. Krista was near me and we discovered that we were on the same flight. Krista and I planned on grabbing lunch at the airport and chatting until we boarded. After waiting an hour, Krista was ready to call her back-up plan. A friend with a VERY small car had offered her a ride to the airport. Her friend was still available and so Krista apologetically left me and we decided we would meet back together at the airport.

When I get to the airport, guess who was at the ticket counter? Yes, Krista. We ate lunch together and encouraged each other in our respective ministries.

God in His providence provided me a way to the airport and allowed me to offer a car to someone else who needed a ride. Then He had me ride to the airport with three women who encouraged me and I pray I blessed them. Finally He allowed me to spend time with Krista. There was no way that was an accident.

Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! Isaiah 30:18

God rose up to show me compassion and was gracious to me. As I waited for His direction, He blessed me.

How about you? Will you share a time God worked out circumstances in such a way that you were blessed? Would you share with me?