How to Gain from Loss

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Elisabeth Elliot wrote this is not a direct quote, but it went something like: “God does not call us to die simply to die. He wants us to die in order to live.”

We see that truth everywhere – in the seed that dies in the ground to bring new life, in the tree that falls to the ground only to nourish a new sapling. We watch as trees shed their leaves each fall and stand naked and practically dead all winter long, just to come to life again in the Spring.

So it is with us. God calls us to die to the things in us that are killing us. The things that are dragging us down to the pit of hell. Those things that will burn up and not matter in eternity. He asks us to die in order to live. Why then do we cling to them?

Consider what He is asking you to lay on the alter today. A friendship, a child, an illness, a job opportunity, a relationship, a college, a club, a really great expensive pair of jeans…Then consider what He wants to do with those things. Could God be calling you out of an unhealthy relationship? Maybe He is calling you to reconcile, but you have to leave your expectations of that relationship on the alter for Him to change. Perhaps He wants you to give your money to a church or missionary to further His kingdom.

Dying to self that you might gain treasure in heaven. What better blessing is there?

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