Letting My Treasures Go

Have you ever tried to change a two-year old’s clothes while he or she is clinging to a “treasure.” It could be a book or a toy or a shoe for that matter, but he does not want to let it go. You pull the shirt over his head and his hand will not go through the sleeve. You try to convince this child to let go of the treasure in his hand. You promise to give it back. Yet he wails and moans as you tear it from his hand get the shirt off and put the new shirt on. Quickly you thrust the item back into his hand and you marvel, “If only he would trust me to give his treasure back.”

I have a hard time laying things I love and treasure down at the feet of God. I admit that I hoard things, dreams, plans, people. Sometimes I even hold tight to the time God has given me and act as if I can make my day go my way. God can and sometimes does tear our treasures from our hands. Oh, but He longs for us to lay them down. He doesn’t promise us that He will give them back, but He is faithful, He has a plan. Isn’t it worth the risk?

God is infinitely more loving and faithful as a parent than I am. If I know how to give my child good things, then God knows better than I. (Matt 7:11) So why is it so hard for me to let my dreams, plans, people go at Christ’s feet? I make a mess of things, but “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Eccl 3:11) You would think I was a child who couldn’t understand that God has a different plan or a different time or even a better treasure in store for me. I just have to trust Him and lay my treasures at His feet.

It isn’t as if God doesn’t know what it is like to lay down His own treasure. Colossians 2:3 when speaking of Christ says, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” God allowed Jesus, arguably the treasure of heaven, to be crucified. He gave up His greatest gift, a special part of Himself, His Son. God the Father planned to do it before the world began. So if God who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, can give up Christ for enemies, can I give up my treasures for God’s glory? Can I lay my hopes, dreams, timing at His feet and trust Him to give me what I need?

Sometimes we have to lay our dreams and hopes down in order to move on to a new or different stage in life. In order to change clothes for the day my son had to set down his treasure. So God calls us to let go of our hopes, dreams, and treasures so that He can prepare us for the next thing. He has plans for us (Jer 29:11) and is able to do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.” (Eph 3:20) So why do we think we have to hold tight to things we cannot keep anyway. Why not let the rest in the safest place, God’s hands?

Precious Holy God. Forgive me for hoarding my “treasures.” In comparison to Your glory and heaven, my “treasures” are dust. Oh Father, help me to lay down my hopes, dreams, my children, my husband on Your altar. That You may have Your way with them. That I may do what You have called me to do and noting more. Father help me to rest in Your faithfulness. Help me to remember I can trust You to do more than I could ask or imagine. Thank You for being that big. In Jesus’ precious and holy name I pray. Amen.

So what treasure do you need to lay at God’s feet today?