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How to Handle Soreness

Six weeks ago I started working out again. Four times a week I work-out and the results are starting to show. My clothes fit better. My muscles are starting to define themselves. Yet I still remain sore. My muscles and … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series…Politics of Life

The deed is done and it stabs me through the heart. Their choices and actions stab and scrape against my soul. I cannot change their choices, all I can do is deal with the aftermath. Indignation rings and bounces in … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series…Wrestling over the Past

I am excited to introduce my sweet friend Stephanie Shott. Click here to visit her site. She is a woman who has been through a difficult past, suffered for her poor choices, and found Jesus. Since then she has never … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series and a Give away

Welcome everyone. If you have come here from (in)courage I am so glad you found me! If you haven’t read my guest post at (in)courage click here to read it. Here is a special message from me to you! Now … Continue

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