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And There are Tomatoes

There once was a white foam cup filled with dirt that bright-eyed girl brought home from school. “They’re tomatoes,” she declared and my heart clenched tight. I kill everything they bring home in little white cups. My thoughts swirled. “We have … Continue


Waiting and Change

In case you missed it my word for 2013 – the one I know God gave me – is wait. And I laugh because I do not wait well and God is clearly growing me as I wait. The more … Continue


At the Crossroads

I stand and wonder. I strain my eyes to see the days, weeks, years that could be down that road. Murky images of maybes and what-ifs dance around the curve. I turn to look down the other path and hope … Continue


Praying Through

This year God told me to wait. Wait for Him to move. Wait for Him to fight. Wait for Him to make things happen. And He has moved, fought, and made things happen. And still He tells me to wait. … Continue

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