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Why, the Answer, and Hope

http://solent-art.co.uk/fatt2.php She did it again. She asked the hard question. The one I am never ready for and it came from her eight-year-old mouth. I took a bite, answered a question from her younger sister, and collected my thoughts. I looked … Continue


More Good Stuff…

buy Neurontin gabapentin I told you I finally saw my name in print the other day. Yes, my first published article! Guess what? Now you can see it! Click on the resource topic to your left and in there you will find my … Continue


Wrestling with God…

) I couldn’t understand what was happening. None of it made sense. It doesn’t happen this way. Yet there I was, in less than six months my ability to conceive was stripped from me. My tubes ruptured my womb empty, my … Continue


Love You

Love you. The words tear at my heart. Insatiable longing for who is not, at least not yet. Love you. Echos again in my mind. Ripping my heart open for what is not mine at least not yet. Love you. … Continue

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