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Grace and Truth – Healing Only Comes in the Light

Yesterday I was in bed by 9 PM. Yes I missed as one of my friends put it “One of the best [NCAA Men’s D I basketball] championship games ever.” In fact I didn’t even turn it on. Perhaps someone … Continue


Tradition, Change, and the Body

Tradition. That word chafes my heart. It seems restrictive and judgmental. Heroes of the faith broke tradition and brought revival. At times tradition feels like a pair of skinny jeans two sizes too small. If I can get them on … Continue


The Truth…About Me

Do you ever say something and immediately wish you could somehow swallow those words back down as if they never were? Then walk off thinking failure… Do you find yourself is situations of your own creating wondering how I got … Continue


Pay Attention…

My blood pressure sky rockets as I say the same sentence for what feels like the millionth time. My words are unheeded. Water continues to fill the cup held by a small hand. The cup overflows. My floor is wet. … Continue

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