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My Time or Is It?

My mind swirled. I created busy-ness in my head. List upon list and wondered how it could all be done. The swirling tugged my heart down as if I was being sucked down into the pit. My neck and shoulders … Continue


Eternal Perspective

“A clock,” as my pastor said, “does not give us a proper view of time because it is round and keeps ticking. We get the feeling that there is always more time. I’ll have the next 12 hours or the … Continue


Taking Time for Zacchaeus

“‘cchaeus, mommy I wuv dat song,” he lisps as he stands unmoving in the middle of the hallway of his school. “You sing it mommy pwease,” his eyes dance as he smiles and nods at me. In my head I … Continue


Saturdays are for…

Slowing DOWN!!!! Quiet Times with God. Hair cuts…Playing outside in beautiful unseasonably warm weather…Laughing with the kiddos…   What are your Saturdays for? Leave a comment, I can’t wait to hear what you are up to…

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