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The Irony of it All

http://newpotatoboxes.co.uk/Rowlinson_Potato_Thetford.pdf I said it. That three-letter word that makes grown people blush, preteens giggle, and teenagers grin. Sex. I said it out loud in front of about 26 preteens last night. I made the face for them… The irony? In nursing … Continue


Right Thinking Wrong Thinking…Relationships

order prednisone online I see it in status updates on Facebook. “I won’t let you treat me like that.” I hear it on the news, “He only thought he could treat me like that!” Insert finger snap, head swivel, and the flashing lights … Continue


When We Are Not on the Same Page

http://newcastlehandball.co.uk/about-us/ Infertility seems to short-circuit our brains somehow. We often let our biological clock, out of whack hormones, and general frustrations out on our husbands. They do not understand. They may grieve, they may want children as well, but they do … Continue


Infertility and Relationships

Infertility often brings out the worst in us. Hurting and sad, we lash out and turn inward. We covet what others have and we have a difficult time entering their joy. I remember vividly the day my older sister called … Continue

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