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Could it be Pride?

Josiah became king of Israel at the tender age of eight. When he was 16 he began to seek the Lord. Four years later at the age of twenty he began to tear down the places of idol worship. Six … Continue



Call me crazy, but I love food and I love to try different things. My kids have watched the movie Ratatouille more times than I can count and I decided I wanted to try to make it. Mind you, I … Continue


God is Good…

I prayed that God would use a difficult time in my life to glorify Him.  I didn’t want to go through all that YUCK and PAIN for nothing.  So I prayed He would use it.  I never imagined where that … Continue



Have you ever thought, “God, You want ME to do THAT?!  I mean seriously, God isn’t there something bigger, greater, better for me to do?  You really mean for those other people to do that, not me.  I’m in management.” … Continue

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