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God-sized Prayers

Ordinary. That is how I thought of myself as a young girl. Plain, girl next door, nothing too notable about me. This ordinary girl gave her life to Jesus at the age of seven. I feared hell, loved Jesus for … Continue



My voice reaches His ears. He who can hear my thoughts and knit me together. He who holds the universe in His hand and keeps us from floating off this rock that is hurtling through space. Yes the God who … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series…Politics of Life

The deed is done and it stabs me through the heart. Their choices and actions stab and scrape against my soul. I cannot change their choices, all I can do is deal with the aftermath. Indignation rings and bounces in … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series… When God is Silent

I am excited to introduce you to my friend Jessica Kirkland. I asked her to share a time that she wrestled with God over some of her health problems. She is a mother of triplets (yes I said triplets), a … Continue

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