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Praying Through

This year God told me to wait. Wait for Him to move. Wait for Him to fight. Wait for Him to make things happen. And He has moved, fought, and made things happen. And still He tells me to wait. … Continue


Can God Get Even Him?

Monday bombs exploded, lives changed, three died. And we didn’t know who it was. . . Thousands of miles away shocked I cried and prayed. I couldn’t imagine what those in Boston were experiencing. By Friday night we had two … Continue


And It’s Monday…Again…

Have you ever known you need to do something, but struggle doing it? You know you need to work-out regularly, but somehow the day gets away from you and then three weeks have gone by and you haven’t broken a … Continue


An Election Prayer

Father God, thank You for the privilege it is to live in a free country in which we have  a right to vote for the leadership of our country. Lord may we always live in gratitude for the freedoms allowed … Continue

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