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God’s Call

I have felt it for a while now. This call from God. This thing in my life that gives meaning and light to all of life. I wrote about it once on a folded piece of paper. It must be … Continue


Stoking Your Passion

Passion is a fire in your eye, a burning in your belly. I have talked about keeping your spiritual fervor here. How to find your passion here. Now I want to talk about keeping the flames of your passion white … Continue


Living with Passion

Would you consider liking my Facebook fan page? Click on the Facebook icon under my picture in the right hand column. When you get to my Facebook page click the like button. My goal is 250 likes prior to July … Continue


How to Maintain Zeal

Zeal: enthusiasm, excitement, passion… We, Christ-followers, are not often defined by our zeal. Unless it is passion for God’s commands or shouting at what is wrong in the world. Maybe we are zealous about the type of worship music sung, … Continue

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