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Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy? The question rattled around in my brain and down to my heart. The silence was deafening. My heart beat quickened as I twisted myself into a pretzel. Stomach on the bed, rear in the air, twisting enough … Continue


Big Boy Bed, Tears, and A Thankful Heart

We finally did it. My sweet little man now has a big boy bed. I know that he was well past the age of needing a big boy bed. Signs he needed a big boy bed included: he has to … Continue


Growth…The Painful Kind

Growth is my word for 2011. I felt God had stretched me in 2010 and now He needs to grow me into those stretched out places. Oh, but often growth is painful… I remember being in the fourth grade and … Continue


Joy and Grief Mingle, at Least Here

I long for the day when grief no longer taints joy. Our most joyful days on earth are tainted. Pain, fear, grief mingle and mix with our joy. Day I accepted Jesus as my Savior…Joy of forgiveness of sins, pure … Continue

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