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Choosing Obedience Choosing Joy

It has been too long since I sat down and wrote here. I’ve been somewhere on the crazy spectrum of busy since the end of May and things have slipped. Lots of things…especially the blog God called me to write. … Continue


Messes Can’t Steal My Joy…Unless I Let Them

Her eyes glistened slightly as her shoulders tightened. She sighed and blurted out, “Mom, I left my water bottle in my backpack and now there is a big mess.” My heart sank. I envisioned a huge puddle of water in … Continue


Christmas Joy

The joy of Christmas comes wrapped in ordinary. How often do we look for joy in the extraordinary when it is the ordinary God uses to wrap true joy? Jesus a babe wrapped in ordinary clothes, placed in an ordinary … Continue


When I Get in the Way

The air around her smells new, clean, fresh from heaven. Her head wobbles as her eyes take in everything. Every moment is a mystery to her. She notices her foot and pulls it to her mouth. Her eyes sparkle in … Continue

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