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Smiles from the Trenches of Infertility

I have decided to start a regular feature on this blog called Smiles from the Trenches of Infertility. Infertility is painful, physically, emotionally and mentally. However there are many things that we experience because of infertility that can plain make … Continue


Lamenting: Is it Ok?

On this infertile journey I have often sobbed and cried out to God. Why? Why me? Why this? Why not me? I have mourned babies that I never got to hold in my womb much less my arms. I have … Continue


When We Are Not on the Same Page

Infertility seems to short-circuit our brains somehow. We often let our biological clock, out of whack hormones, and general frustrations out on our husbands. They do not understand. They may grieve, they may want children as well, but they do … Continue


Time to Go

I am in a waiting period in my infertility journey, but many of you are in a season of going. Going involves a different kind of waiting. When we are going, we wait for doctors, test results, social workers, or … Continue

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