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More Good Stuff…

I told you I finally saw my name in print the other day. Yes, my first published article! Guess what? Now you can see it! Click on the resource topic to your left and in there you will find my … Continue


Big Boy Bed, Tears, and A Thankful Heart

We finally did it. My sweet little man now has a big boy bed. I know that he was well past the age of needing a big boy bed. Signs he needed a big boy bed included: he has to … Continue


Longing Contentment

I know God has plans for me, yet I long for a child. I am content and full in Him, but I long. I hunger for more. I desire more. In that longing, however there is contentment. The kind that … Continue


My Dear Ones

Oh to hold you in my arms, to watch you while you sleep; to wrap your tiny hand in mine, to kiss your soft pudgy cheek. Oh to know the sound of your cry, to see the sparkle in your … Continue

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