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Fighting the Flesh

Pleasure Ridge Park My heart is tight. Frustration mounts. Things are not going how I think they should go. I feel overwhelmed. I am not focused on the thing God wants me to do, but on all the things that I am not … Continue


I Need More of Him…Will You Pray with Me?

http://celticgreenenergy.co.uk/dev/biomass-maintenance/ Tomorrow is the day. I will put on my business casual attire and walk into a room with a literary agent and tell her about the book I am writing. I will also meet hundreds of women all longing to … Continue



http://dhammatek.co.uk/upc/dose-not-apply/ It starts innocently. I want to honor God with the gifts He has given me. So I step out and speak and blog and write. Soon others are blessed by what I do. I hear: “God has gifted you.” “I … Continue


More Good Stuff…

I told you I finally saw my name in print the other day. Yes, my first published article! Guess what? Now you can see it! Click on the resource topic to your left and in there you will find my … Continue

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