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A Seed of Hope

purchase ivermectin I saw it in her hand as she waited for her teacher to open the van door. My heart fluttered nervously. It can’t be, my mind raced. Sure enough as soon as she stepped into the van her smile shone bright … Continue


I Wish I was a….

http://trisporttrophies.com/srbd My brother was born before sonograms could determine the gender of unborn babies. My parents chose to decorate his room with green and yellow. Ironically so was the outside of our house (yellow with green trim) and the colors of … Continue


Three Empty Chairs

http://noamchen.com/?gallery=galleries/ My blessings have been prodding and poking the painful places in my soul lately. As God is apt to do He uses their naivety to shed light on things I would prefer to leave in the dark. He shakes me … Continue


Why the Little Things?

Longing…Oh the stretching, longing, burning… The dream of what could be, where to go, but how to get there hangs in the air… We can’t see it. The journey from here to there, but the hope of there is planted … Continue

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