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Spiritual Gifts

I feel blessed to help lead my church’s Wednesday night ministry to fifth and sixth graders. They challenge me, they ask me hard questions, they drive me to my knees often (either that they know Him better or that they … Continue


Why the Little Things?

Longing…Oh the stretching, longing, burning… The dream of what could be, where to go, but how to get there hangs in the air… We can’t see it. The journey from here to there, but the hope of there is planted … Continue


The Trip…

We went to visit family last week. We loaded the van with bags, toys, DVDs (to keep the kids from rioting), and presents. We were nearly done with our trip. About two-thirds of the way to our destination and it … Continue


Beyond Me…

The words hung in the air and flew like a dagger into my heart. “I hate you mommy.” I knew this phrase would come. I had prepared myself. However I expected it closer to puberty, not before my children were … Continue

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