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Letting Go

Welcome everyone. I have the honor of posting as a guest on Held. You can find that post here. If you are visiting from Held, this post is about one of my kids. Just wanted a fair warning to you … Continue




[tube] The winner of the give-away is Teri! Congratulations! E-mail me and send me your address so we can get you your book.


Spiritual Gifts

I feel blessed to help lead my church’s Wednesday night ministry to fifth and sixth graders. They challenge me, they ask me hard questions, they drive me to my knees often (either that they know Him better or that they … Continue


Rotting on Milk

I picked up a couple of stones, hoping they were the right size and shape. Perfect to put at the bottom of the pot over the hole. I was told the rock allowed the water to drain slowly so the … Continue

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