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When Words are not Enough

ticklishly Some things happen and there are no words. Winds tear apart cities, homes, families. Cancer spreads. Office politics crack and things change, maybe for always. Birth moms have rights that do not make sense when the spirit of the law … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series…Wrestling over the Past

order Pregabalin online I am excited to introduce my sweet friend Stephanie Shott. Click here to visit her site. She is a woman who has been through a difficult past, suffered for her poor choices, and found Jesus. Since then she has never … Continue


Wrestling with God…

buy modafinil in usa I couldn’t understand what was happening. None of it made sense. It doesn’t happen this way. Yet there I was, in less than six months my ability to conceive was stripped from me. My tubes ruptured my womb empty, my … Continue


Rethinking Rejoicing…

Well, I finally figured out my YouTube issue I had yesterday. So now you can see my vlog! Woo Hoo! Also I want to thank Julie Gillies for the tweet that inspired this vlog! Can’t wait to hear what you … Continue

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