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Because Some Days I am Cranky

Today I woke up feeling like all my nerves were raw. Every little thing that didn’t go right stretched and irritated. I spoke with an edge. I asked for forgiveness from. . . the whole family. . . more than … Continue


Grace and Truth – Healing Only Comes in the Light

Yesterday I was in bed by 9 PM. Yes I missed as one of my friends put it “One of the best [NCAA Men’s D I basketball] championship games ever.” In fact I didn’t even turn it on. Perhaps someone … Continue


Tradition, Change, and the Body

Tradition. That word chafes my heart. It seems restrictive and judgmental. Heroes of the faith broke tradition and brought revival. At times tradition feels like a pair of skinny jeans two sizes too small. If I can get them on … Continue


I Wish I was a….

My brother was born before sonograms could determine the gender of unborn babies. My parents chose to decorate his room with green and yellow. Ironically so was the outside of our house (yellow with green trim) and the colors of … Continue

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