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An Orphan…

My girl’s attitude problem began with cooler weather. I informed her the high temperature would only be in the 60’s (Fahrenheit about 16-18 degrees Celsius) and she was not allowed to wear shorts. She did not accept this information graciously … Continue


Scripture Vlog


Here is the heart behind my talk I gave recently. I hope you enjoy it. [tube] What do you think about scripture? I can’t wait to hear…


How to Know When God is Speaking to Us

Yesterday I shared a time when God was speaking to me. Today I want to help you determine how do you know it is God speaking? 1. God’s way takes us out of our comfort zones so that we cannot … Continue


Pay Attention…

My blood pressure sky rockets as I say the same sentence for what feels like the millionth time. My words are unheeded. Water continues to fill the cup held by a small hand. The cup overflows. My floor is wet. … Continue

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