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Keeping Vigil

Vigil to watch, to awaken, to arouse…purposeful intentional watchfulness for something that is about to happen. Marsha Ford spoke on Friday night at our ladies retreat about keeping vigil. That God keeps vigil over us, but that we are to … Continue


It’s a God Thing…

“That’s a better present than my American Girl Doll,” my eight-year-old beamed. Her birthday landed on Easter Sunday this year and she received many gifts. She got her ears pierced, some new earrings, a new American Girl Doll, and even … Continue


The Bottom Line

Wars, rumors of wars. Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. Earthquakes. Japan, Australia, Haiti. Chaos. Uproar. People wounded, dead, dying, struggling to survive. Shattered dreams. Longings unfulfilled, dreams broken, hopes dashed. Daily things. Screaming children, spilling coffee, traffic jam, late again. Tragedies. … Continue

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