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Does God Really Speak to Us?

I had already made up my mind. I knew that I knew what I wanted to do. I thought that God was on board with me. Do you see see the problem? The only thing holding me back? My husband. … Continue


Keeping Vigil

Vigil to watch, to awaken, to arouse…purposeful intentional watchfulness for something that is about to happen. Marsha Ford spoke on Friday night at our ladies retreat about keeping vigil. That God keeps vigil over us, but that we are to … Continue


So Glad You Made It!

Hello everyone. Here it is my new blog that seems to be working just right. At least I think all the glitches are gone! I know only enough of this stuff to be dangerous. Yes dangerous I say. 😉 Anyway, … Continue


Rethinking My Dreams

What is not going “your way,” but God’s way? Share what God is doing in His way. I can’t wait to hear about what He is doing for you.

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