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God’s Call

unreservedly I have felt it for a while now. This call from God. This thing in my life that gives meaning and light to all of life. I wrote about it once on a folded piece of paper. It must be … Continue


Wrestling with God: The Series…Politics of Life

Haiphong The deed is done and it stabs me through the heart. Their choices and actions stab and scrape against my soul. I cannot change their choices, all I can do is deal with the aftermath. Indignation rings and bounces in … Continue



http://owlandmonkey.co.uk/uncategorized/welcome-to-our-virtual-shop-visits/ I am standing in what feels like the eye of a change-hurricane.The place where I am not making major changes, but many close to me are. People moving away, folks finding new jobs. They are changing around me and I … Continue


How to Know When God is Speaking to Us

Yesterday I shared a time when God was speaking to me. Today I want to help you determine how do you know it is God speaking? 1. God’s way takes us out of our comfort zones so that we cannot … Continue

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