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San Jorge Pueblo Nuevo Ten years ago plans became missiles, buildings burned, people jumped, and to our horror those buildings crumbled before our eyes. One plane crashed into a field as passengers rose up. Our false sense of security gone in mere minutes. My … Continue



http://spidercreative.co.uk/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1647192655.5204501152038574218750 I am standing in what feels like the eye of a change-hurricane.The place where I am not making major changes, but many close to me are. People moving away, folks finding new jobs. They are changing around me and I … Continue


It’s a God Thing…

http://gruphoms.com/property/pis-2-habitacions-centric-girona-c-joan-baptista-salle-6t-1a-venut/dsc_5343/ “That’s a better present than my American Girl Doll,” my eight-year-old beamed. Her birthday landed on Easter Sunday this year and she received many gifts. She got her ears pierced, some new earrings, a new American Girl Doll, and even … Continue


A Miracle…Really

I witnessed a miracle yesterday. Actually I was the one healed, so this is pretty good stuff. Seriously… I couldn’t get up Monday morning. I hit snooze a few (five or six) times. Then I actually changed my alarm so … Continue

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