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Pea Jackets

I was in the bathroom the door closed. You know getting some things worked out and having a little private time. As a mother of three there isn’t much “private” in “private time.” So it wasn’t long before I began … Continue



My voice reaches His ears. He who can hear my thoughts and knit me together. He who holds the universe in His hand and keeps us from floating off this rock that is hurtling through space. Yes the God who … Continue


1,000 Gifts Continued

Have you ever noticed that enemy tries to attack us and drag us down when we are stepping out in faith? So we have these warring factions in our hearts…One encouraging me because I am doing God’s will and it … Continue


God is Good…

I prayed that God would use a difficult time in my life to glorify Him.  I didn’t want to go through all that YUCK and PAIN for nothing.  So I prayed He would use it.  I never imagined where that … Continue

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