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Coffee Stains…

So my attitude has been terrible lately…. Bad attitude about events I needed to attend Bad attitude about potty training Bad attitude about cleaning my house Bad attitude about writing Bad attitude….I prayed my attitude would not infect others. I … Continue


Praying For You: Does it Mean Anything?

Facebook status: “My last ultrasound showed my baby was small, next test scheduled on Tuesday.” I commented: “Praying for you.” Facebook status: “My husband is going on his 50th job interview over the last nine months. Pray he gets this … Continue



Deep down that word makes me cringe. It makes the inner rebellious child in me stand up and say, “I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do.” It is hard for me to swallow the truth that I … Continue


Rethinking Rejoicing…

Well, I finally figured out my YouTube issue I had yesterday. So now you can see my vlog! Woo Hoo! Also I want to thank Julie Gillies for the tweet that inspired this vlog! Can’t wait to hear what you … Continue

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