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I Was Brave…Once or Twice

My heart clenches as it rapidly pumps blood. Suddenly it drops to my stomach and my thoughts start spinning. My thoughts spin so wildly I wonder why the world is steady. Fear. It grips tight and it is a battle … Continue


Socially Inept to Socially Confident in 24 hours

It isn’t easy being me. I don’t mean my life is harder than average. I mean it is exhausting being me. One Saturday night my husband and I had an event to attend. I only had slight acquaintances with the … Continue


My Not-So-Spiritual SIGH!

I got behind. Out of routine, out of time, out of sync. Behind in my Chronological Bible reading. I needed to read half of the March 27th reading and all of March 28th reading on March 28th. Reading the Bible … Continue


My New Year Word

I love this time of year. Christmas, the time we celebrate the birth of our God-man, baby-king, Word-became flesh, God with us. Then the end of the year. The time to think back about the year we are leaving and … Continue

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