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Praying For You: Does it Mean Anything?

buy Pregabalin 75 mg Facebook status: “My last ultrasound showed my baby was small, next test scheduled on Tuesday.” I commented: “Praying for you.” Facebook status: “My husband is going on his 50th job interview over the last nine months. Pray he gets this … Continue


Honoring God Honoring Others

buy Lyrica Honor has become an important word in my house. In fact it is a word that has changed how I parent, how I think, and how I view my life before God. The idea started when I read a book, … Continue


Valentine’s Day…UGH!

http://alvinghamvillage.co.uk/christmas-2015/img_7194/ I seriously have an issue with Valentine’s Day. As a kid my parents did give us candy and tell us they loved us. At school I got candy and those little cards that get thrown away almost as soon as … Continue


Mommy Nearly Failed…

The tears started to flow. I felt terrible. I had forgotten. The full parking lot told the story. TODAY WAS MOMS AND MUFFINS! The day when I am supposed to get up early and get the kids to school early … Continue

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