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Honoring God Honoring Others

http://www-comic.com/?m=201103 Honor has become an important word in my house. In fact it is a word that has changed how I parent, how I think, and how I view my life before God. The idea started when I read a book, … Continue


Why the Little Things?

buy cenforce uk Longing…Oh the stretching, longing, burning… The dream of what could be, where to go, but how to get there hangs in the air… We can’t see it. The journey from here to there, but the hope of there is planted … Continue


How Giving Lightens Our Load

http://thewoodlandretreat.com/home/bell-tent-parking/ My sweet girl, not quite eight, was sitting in church with me. She held tight to her treasure – a few coins she intended to offer to the Lord, placed in a special bag. As the offering plate passed by, … Continue


Submission: It’s Not for Sissies

“Submit woman,” booms a joking, but attempting an authoritative voice. Then laughter quickly follows. We all snicker at the idea of submission, especially in our culture of individual rights. Who would ever lay down their own rights and their own … Continue

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