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The Day After: How to Carry the Wonder of the Resurrection Every Day

I hope you enjoyed my lent devotions. I will be posting three times a week for the foreseeable future. I hope you are challenged, encouraged, and strengthened in your faith as you journey with me through Rethinking My Thinking. Simon … Continue


The Day After Easter

Do you ever wonder what the day after Easter was like? The mountain top experience Jesus is alive, but do you wonder if the disciples doubt? Did Thomas’ doubts take seed in the others who saw Jesus? Did they begin … Continue


This Saturday…

Do you wonder on the Saturday after the cross, what Satan was thinking? Was he rejoicing over his conquest? Were he and his demons harassing the disciples and other followers of Jesus? Was he calling it his victory? Did he … Continue


That Day

Here is a poem I wrote dated 6-20-2002 That Day You cried for me that day. You cried for my waywardness. You cried for my pain. You thought of me and You cried. You prayed for me that day. You … Continue

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