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Grace and Truth – Healing Only Comes in the Light

buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk Yesterday I was in bed by 9 PM. Yes I missed as one of my friends put it “One of the best [NCAA Men’s D I basketball] championship games ever.” In fact I didn’t even turn it on. Perhaps someone … Continue



how to buy accutane in malaysia I am standing in what feels like the eye of a change-hurricane.The place where I am not making major changes, but many close to me are. People moving away, folks finding new jobs. They are changing around me and I … Continue


I was Smart, Once

Ungaran I used to know a lot more than I do now. I had the best opinions about everything. I knew how to solve complicated problems because I was right. I was going to be President. It would be easy, I … Continue


A Soul Healing

My soul feels raw. As if it had been drug down a carpeted hall at break-neck speed. A dry, burning, prickly raw-ness that hurts, hints, points and practically begs to be noticed… Oh, but I am too busy. Want to … Continue

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