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Discipline and Missions

malcontentedly The word God gave me this year is discipline… I am flat out bad at it. I feel constrained by schedules and when I don't accomplish tasks on the days I plan I chastise myself. But then I don't plan … Continue


And It’s Monday…Again…

Ratanpur Have you ever known you need to do something, but struggle doing it? You know you need to work-out regularly, but somehow the day gets away from you and then three weeks have gone by and you haven’t broken a … Continue


Right Thinking Wrong Thinking: Parenting

blamelessly I am beginning a new series called Right Thinking Wrong Thinking. Every Thursday I will post this series and I will address some right and wrong ways of thinking and how they affect our hearts and our actions. Here we … Continue


Rethinking Hardships

Difficult times come into everyone’s lives. Incomes drop, jobs are lost, loved ones die too young, health issues, relationship struggles. We all face some difficult situation that drives us to our knees. Some of us are blessed with hardships. It … Continue

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