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When I Get in the Way

http://simplecommunion.com/2011/07/the-profit-of-time The air around her smells new, clean, fresh from heaven. Her head wobbles as her eyes take in everything. Every moment is a mystery to her. She notices her foot and pulls it to her mouth. Her eyes sparkle in … Continue


Contentment and Power

http://toowoombaroofing.com.au/legion.php I have been praying for a miracle. A miracle within my body so I can somehow conceive another child naturally; or a miracle that lands an orphan on my doorstep ready for adoption, no strings attached; or the biggest miracle … Continue


The Lamp Lesson

does neurontin help a meth comedown When God is teaching me something, He often gives me opportunities at putting those new lessons in action. I had no idea that a lamp would provide such a lesson, but then again who knew a plunger could help either? … Continue


Comparison is NOT Your Friend

Often on this infertility journey, we look around us and see what other people have. That sweet family of five, the teenage girl who is pregnant and unable or unwilling to take care of her baby, or even your best … Continue

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