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We are at war. We, in the US, have troops fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. All day long our soldiers wear armor. Bulletproof vests and helmets. They carry weapons to mount offensives. They are tough. I wonder what would … Continue


How to Celebrate Good Friday and a Give AWAY!

The question hangs in the air. It asked by countless people across the world. “Why is Good Friday called good?” That question reverberates with me each year as Easter approaches. I wonder how I can celebrate a sham of a … Continue


So Glad You Made It!

Hello everyone. Here it is my new blog that seems to be working just right. At least I think all the glitches are gone! I know only enough of this stuff to be dangerous. Yes dangerous I say. 😉 Anyway, … Continue


Pay Attention…

My blood pressure sky rockets as I say the same sentence for what feels like the millionth time. My words are unheeded. Water continues to fill the cup held by a small hand. The cup overflows. My floor is wet. … Continue

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