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How to Find Your Passion

“Ugh, why do I just feel blah?” I wondered aloud. “I thought staying at home with my kids would be different, better, fulfilling, not…this.” SIDE NOTE: I would never trade staying home with my kids. It is the best think … Continue


Living with Passion

Would you consider liking my Facebook fan page? Click on the Facebook icon under my picture in the right hand column. When you get to my Facebook page click the like button. My goal is 250 likes prior to July … Continue


How to Gain from Loss

If you are visiting from Jessie’s House welcome. Thanks for stopping by. My regular friends I have a guest post at my friend Jessica’s blog. Click here to check it out. Really it feeds into this post… 😉 Elisabeth Elliot … Continue



Have you ever been surprised at what God does when you actually ask Him?  Sometimes we Christians walk through life acting like, this is something I can handle or do on my own.  I’ll ask God when it is something … Continue

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