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  1. Glenna says:

    I am so glad to have found you. I love your writing. I retweeted your two most recent entries. In response to your question Yes I have had to really lean on him heavy lately. I am in the process of getting ready to move but first I have to find another place to live. So I have asked him to help me do just that many times and I have been doing a lot of praying on that lately too.

  2. Angela,

    I just read on the SheSpeaks blog that you were attending. I am from Greenwood.
    Will this be your first time? I went last year and didn’t think I would be able to go again…BUT GOD had other things in mind.
    Hope to get to meet up with you either prior or at the conference.


    • Hi Cynthia. Nice to meet you. I went to SheSpeaks last year too. 😉 I wonder how we never met? I was so blessed by it last year that I am excited to go again this year! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  4. Hopeful72 says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for sharing your  journey. I recently went through IVF in April as I type I have two 8 cell embryo in me however they fail to implant. I had a negative pregnancy test done two days ago and will try another test tomorrow Sunday and monday do my Beta. It has been an expenisve road for me and my husband. We are both christians and beleiving in God for a miracle. Thank you so much for sharing yuor journey.Please pray for me and I will do the same for all  of us who are struggling. I am praying that in my case it’s late inplantation. I will keep you  posted.

    God bless

    • Angela_Mackey says:


      I will pray for God’s miracle for you and your husband. His miracles rarely look the way we think they should, but He is good and He knows what is best. Praying as you lean into Him. God bless you!

  5. Hi Angela, I just read the article you wrote for Christian Women Speaker. You outlined the steps you took to get promote the message of God. You mentioned that at first you thought you were promoting yourself but realized you were being obedient in promoting God’s message. That resonated with me as I am in the process of launching my own speaking ministry. I said to God this very morning the same thing. I didn’t want to appear as though I’m promoting me. He said to me, “You are promoting the assignment I gave to you.” I thank God for your transparency. It helped me to see that it’s not just me.

    God bless your ministry.

  6. fran says:

    Hi Angela! Glad i found this site!
    My husband and i have been together 19 years and have no luck having babies. he recently was diagnosed with hemochromatosis I know that this is probably what is making him infertile he starts blood letting next week. Do you know anything about him being able to have babies after his iron levels are under contro?

  7. Virginia Villanueva says:

    I am so glad I read this website about singleness of the heart. I just wanted to say you had me in tears. Please pray for me as I am about to move in with me mother who is 79yrs old and suffers from dementia. I’m 50 yrs old and just lost my little brother 6 months ago so it’s really been a struggle for this family. My brother that just died was the one helping mom by living with her. So I’m the only one in my family that is not married and has a child but she’s grown but lives with her father. So that leaves me to care for mom cause all of siblings work and have jobs and can’t always be there for my mom. So after losing my brother I decide to pick up the pieces from my brother and caring for my mom. Its been a struggle cause I don’t know what I am doing at times and mom seems to go in and out of her memory. Its scary cause I don’t want her to forget me or not know where she is at cause I do have a full time job. But I do call her everyday. But I will be moving in with her in May for sure. Please keep me in prayer and I would like you to send me your monthly news letters.
    I appreciate it and thank you and God Bless you with your encouraging words.

    Virginia Villanueva
    San Antonio, Tx 🙂

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