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A Great Kids’ Book App and A Give-away

Do your kids struggle with fear at night? My kids periodically struggle with noises, darkness, spiders (she did have two spiders in her bed at two different times so I can’t blame her), etc. My dear friend Jessica Kirkland has … Continue


The Irony of it All

I said it. That three-letter word that makes grown people blush, preteens giggle, and teenagers grin. Sex. I said it out loud in front of about 26 preteens last night. I made the face for them… The irony? In nursing … Continue


Letting Go

Welcome everyone. I have the honor of posting as a guest on Held. You can find that post here. If you are visiting from Held, this post is about one of my kids. Just wanted a fair warning to you … Continue


Waving the White Flag

I am so glad to have Brooke McGlothlin guest post today. I have enjoyed getting to know her on her blog. She offers practical Godly tools for how to raise boys and a host of other things. I am sure … Continue

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