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I Need More of Him…Will You Pray with Me?

Tomorrow is the day. I will put on my business casual attire and walk into a room with a literary agent and tell her about the book I am writing. I will also meet hundreds of women all longing to … Continue


The Pitch

The title reminds me of baseball, but I am not talking about a fastball. Did you know I am going to a conference next week? It is a speaking and writing conference. There I get to pitch my book idea … Continue


Guess What…

A few months ago I tweeted that I uploaded video of speaking excerpts to my blog. The next thing I know Sheila Gregoire tweeted me about highlighting me on her Christian Speakers blog. You could have knocked me over with … Continue


Living with Passion

Would you consider liking my Facebook fan page? Click on the Facebook icon under my picture in the right hand column. When you get to my Facebook page click the like button. My goal is 250 likes prior to July … Continue

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