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When Words Are Not Enough: How to Support Those Walking Dark Roads

It doesn’t make sense. At least not this side of heaven. Cancer stealing years from folks who live and love well while rapists continue their lust for power and flesh. Infertility leaving wombs and arms empty while others abandon and … Continue


How to Endure Under the Pressure of the Mundane

For far too long I have allowed my inner editor to silence my writing. “I have nothing to say,” I would tell myself. Besides if you can’t keep your house clean, what right do you have to write words? My inner … Continue


Snow and the Creator’s Call

I am a Kansas girl living in the south. The south where 60 degrees is “cold” and a flake of snow send everyone running for milk and bread. So when the weather forecast called for ice and snow I did … Continue


Plan B

His birthday party was scheduled for May 4th. And I prayed for good weather because I wasn’t sure I wanted ten five and six-year-old boys in my house for an hour and a half. As May 4th approached the weather … Continue

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