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How to Endure Under the Pressure of the Mundane

For far too long I have allowed my inner editor to silence my writing. “I have nothing to say,” I would tell myself. Besides if you can’t keep your house clean, what right do you have to write words? My inner … Continue


Snow and the Creator’s Call

I am a Kansas girl living in the south. The south where 60 degrees is “cold” and a flake of snow send everyone running for milk and bread. So when the weather forecast called for ice and snow I did … Continue


Plan B

His birthday party was scheduled for May 4th. And I prayed for good weather because I wasn’t sure I wanted ten five and six-year-old boys in my house for an hour and a half. As May 4th approached the weather … Continue


And It’s Monday…Again…

Have you ever known you need to do something, but struggle doing it? You know you need to work-out regularly, but somehow the day gets away from you and then three weeks have gone by and you haven’t broken a … Continue

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